About EVRAZ NIKOM, a.s.

EVRAZ NIKOM, a.s. is the most effective European manufacturer of ferrovanadium supplying worldwide leading steel producers with premium quality materials. We are located 30km southwest from Prague, the Czech Republic. Our hometown Mnisek pod Brdy is surrounded by a beautiful scenery of wooded highlands with numerous tourist attractions.


The company was established in 1993 as NIKOM a.s. by privatising the former metalworks Kovohute Mnisek, its ferrovanadium part respectively. That time, the new Japanese investors brought technology know-how of cost effective aluminothermic process.



In 2007, NIKOM a.s. joined EVRAZ Group, the vertically integrated steel producer, who also operates vanadium rich iron ore mines – the key source of V-bearing raw material to our operations.


Then in 2011, we adopted our new company name EVRAZ NIKOM, a.s.



Our market share reaches 8% of the total Vanadium world consumption. Just imagine, how many steel structures, pipes, railways, machines, vehicles, mobile phones, many other steel tools across the globe contain a piece from our small hometown.

Our main focus is on health&safety of all our personnel and on minimising impact to the environment. Every year, we complete several initiatives to improve our work habits, easier the work, making it more safely and to reduce the environmental burden. We want our staff to be safe at home after each shift and experience no negative health signs after working for us. We already achieved to run a waste-less technology where all output materials are either sold for further use or recycled internally.

(Ferro)Vanadium is widely used to strengthen the steel. Various steel alloys contain permilles to tenths of percent of Vanadium. Extra efforts are spent on assuring supreme quality of our products. We have long term relationships with our key suppliers, who fully understand our needs and thus can provide us with high quality feed materials. It is the stable feed which leads to stable technology and thus premium quality output. We proudly hear our clients asking for “Nikom quality ferrovanadium”.

A by-product of our main stream is aluminothemic slag. Due to its thermo-resistance properties, it is successfully applied in manufacturing refractory materials.